Blue umbrella bracket/holder for wheelchairs, prams or bicycles

$15 $35

You can easily attach this sunshade/umbrella holder to your wheelchair, scooter, pram, stroller, walker or bicycle. The flexible arm allows you to adjust the height and position of the umbrella so you remain dry in the rain and/or shaded from the sun. This will make your life easy so you don't have to hold your umbrella as well as push your stroller. Keep yourself dry and sheltered!

** Please note … umbrella NOT included


Length: 50cm to 58cm when extended

Length: 30cm when collapsed

Weight: 300 grams approximately

Material: Plastic and stainless steel

Attachment: Fits most wheelchairs/bikes/prams/strollers etcetera. Suits handle diameter from 1.5 to 3 cm. You could attach a thin pad to add diameter if handle is too thin or you can adjust the screw length to fit a thicker handle.

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